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Area of Conquest

Area of Conquest is a seven-day event in which Guilds compete against each other on a special map.

As a Guild member, you need to earn Superior Coins to upgrade the Guild's Castle and obtain Season rewards for it.


You can find the entrance to the Area of Conquest on the main screen:


To join this adventure, you have to meet several requirements:

  • your team level must be 30 or higher,

  • you signed up for the game more than 14 days ago,

  • and your Guild was created before the start of the Area of Conquest.


You start at the Guild's Castle in one of the corners of the map:​


You can set or change your team of heroes only at the Guild's Castle. The selected team will fight both in attack and defense. To set up the team, you need to stand on the tile next to the Castle and press the Change button.

Your Guild competes with three other Guilds with similar power levels. In the upper-left corner, you can see some info on the current competition:

  1. The Castle level.

  2. The number of settlements captured.

  3. The number of Superior Coins gathered by the Guild.

  4. Rival Guilds' records.

The Area of Conquest Map

Superior Coins


The main goal of Guilds is to collect Superior Coins. You need them to level up your Castle and earn Season rewards. You can get Superior Coins:

  • by occupying settlements, finding chests, and as a reward for battles on the Area of Conquest map;

  • as a reward in the special event;

  • by purchasing special offers.

Health Potion


Health Potion instantly restores your team to full health. You can get it:

  • as a reward in the Road to the Top Season;

  • as a reward in the special event;

  • by purchasing special offers.

Speed Booster


Speed Booster increases Action Point recovery speed for one hour. Normally, one Action Point recovers in six minutes, while with Booster, it takes three minutes instead. You can get Speed Booster:

  • as a reward in Road to the Top Season;

  • as a reward in the special event;

  • by purchasing special offers.

Area of Conquest Resources

The fog constantly covers the map. The only places you can always see are your Guild's Castle and the areas around you and your Guildmates. Even if you remove the fog from tiles while standing on them, the fog will return when you leave.

Each move on the map requires one Action Point. You can have 12 Action Points max, and it takes six minutes for one Point to restore.

You can make a move by choosing one of the tiles around you. If you run out of Action Points, you can also plan your path on the map. This way, your team will continue moving step by step as Action Points recover. To plan the path, you need to select tiles one by one. You can cancel the planned path by clicking the red cross on the tile with the route.


Your goal on the map is to earn more Superior Coins for your Guild. There are three ways to do it:

1. Capture settlements. While staying on the settlement tile, you get a certain number of Coins every minute. The settlements near your Guild's Castle are safer and give fewer Coins than those closer to the center of the map. But the risk of being attacked by other Guilds is higher in the center.


2. Attack rival Guilds' teams. You fight using the team selected in the Castle. To start a battle, your team needs to stand on the tile next to the opponent's team. Then press the sign that appears over the opponent's team. The number of Superior Coins you receive for a fight depends on the health your team was able to take from the rivals. So, you get Superior Coins even if your team has lost.


You might be unable to attack some players who stand near their Castle. If a player has not entered the event and set up their team, they are unavailable for attack.


The battles are held in the Auto mode, and the heroes' health is not restored after a fight. If your team is defeated, it returns to the Castle. You can either restore heroes' health by using a Health Potion or wait for the automatic restoration at 4:00 AM UTC.

3. Find chests on the map. You need to step on the tile with the chest to get one-time Superior Coins. Each member of your Guild will also get the same number of Coins.

Navigating across the Map
Upgrading the Castle

To enter the Castle, you can either click it on the map or press the Castle button on the right side of the map:


Here you can contribute Superior Coins or emeralds to level up the Guild's Castle (1) and claim the rewards for the Season's unlocked levels (2):


Press Claim Reward to go to the Road to the Top Season. The level of the Castle correlates with the level of the Season. For example, if the Castle level is 11, you can collect the reward for level 11 in the Season.


At the end of the event, Guilds will receive the rewards depending on their ranking. The more Superior Coins the Guild has added to their Castle, the higher its ranking will be. Note that only the Coins gathered on the map (from settlements, chests, and battles) are counted in the ranking. To see the possible rewards, press the Ranking button on the right side of the map:


Unused Superior Coins, Speed Boosters, and Health Potions (except Action Points) are automatically converted into Hero Upgrade Chests after the event ends:

800 Superior Coins / 4 Speed Boosters / 1 Health Potion = 4 Hero Upgrade Chests.


Changing Guilds works according to the following rules:

  • You need to be in a Guild that participates in the event to keep increasing your Season level.

  • If you join a Guild in which the Season level is lower than yours, then your Season level will not increase until the Guild's Season level reaches yours.

  • If you join a Guild in which the Season level is higher than yours, then your Season level will become equal to the Guild's Season level.

  • All the Superior Coins you gathered in a previous Guild will not be deducted from its balance and will be counted in the final ranking.

Changing Guilds During the Event

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