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Adventures become available once you reach team level 40. When you open Sanctuary for the first time, you will have to play the tutorial Adventure.

Adventure is a cooperative mode where you can team up with two of your Guildmates. You can create either a public or a private group. A public group is available to all Guildmates, whereas a private one can only be accessed by invitees. To join your group, a Guild member should have team level high enough for the selected Adventure and not participate in any other Adventure.

There are 13 different Adventures in the game. They vary in difficulty levels and strategies that you need to apply.

General information

When you select an Adventure, you can view the required team level, possible rewards, and buffs of the day.


These buffs apply to your team, opponent squads, and bosses. They boost heroes based on their role, e.g., healer, support, etc. The buffs are selected randomly and automatically reset at 02:00 AM UTC.

Daily buffs ensure a slightly different experience every time you start an Adventure. Thus, you should consider daily buffs when assembling your team.


To start an Adventure, you need to spend one Portal Charge. Portal Charges cannot be purchased.


You get one Portal Charge with the daily reset at 02:00 AM UTC. You can store up to three Portal Charges this way. If you reach this maximum, you will not get a new Charge when the game day resets. 

You may also receive Portal Charges:

You will still receive Portal Charges from these sources even if you already have three Charges. This way, you can have more than three Charges stored.

Portal Charges and How to Get Them

Once you start an Adventure, you get a certain number of Action Points. You need them to move across the map. Each move costs one Action Point.

Adventure Action Points cannot be purchased or refilled in any way, so you should spend them wisely.

Adventure Action Points
  • Opponent teams are gathered randomly. However, some heroes are attached to specific squad locations and appear in every battle.

  • If you cannot defeat an opponent squad in one attempt, their health and energy will not be reset to default values.

  • You cannot retreat from a battle once you have started it. Though, you can always skip it. The fight will be finished in Auto mode.

  • You cannot attack a squad if another player is already fighting them. You can always watch the battle if you wish to.

Adventure Battle Mechanics

The primary reward of any Adventure is Adventure Chests. You can earn up to four chests in each Adventure.


To unlock three small chests, you need to collect Victory Points. You earn them by beating opponent squads. Each victory brings you 20 points. To open a big chest, you need to defeat a boss.

Adventure Chests

Once you complete an Adventure and open all four chests, this Adventure becomes available for a raid. The raid function allows you to complete the Adventure and claim the chests instantly.

Raids are available until the daily reset at 2:00 AM UTC. Raiding an Adventure consumes one Portal Charge.

Adventure Raid

Once you defeat the boss or every player on the team spends all their Action Points, you can finish the Adventure by pressing the End the Adventure button.


You can also leave an Adventure whenever you want through the Log menu:

  1. Press the Log button in the bottom-left corner of the game screen.


    2. Click Leave Adventure.

How to leave an Adventure

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