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Damage Types

There are three damage types in the game. What damage your heroes deal may drastically change the course of a battle.


All heroes deal physical damage with their basic attacks.


Celeste and Satori are exceptions:

  • When Celeste reaches level 90 and unlocks her Zenith skill, her basic attacks start dealing magic damage while Celeste is in her Dark Form.

  • Satori's basic attacks deal magic damage thanks to his first skill — Ravenous Pack.


Physical damage

Physical damage is displayed in orange color both in battles and skill descriptions.

Armor decreases incoming physical damage.

Magic damage

Magic damage is displayed in purple color both in battles and skill descriptions.

Magic resistance decreases incoming magic damage.


Pure damage

Pure damage is displayed in white color only in battles. It is colored green instead of white in skill descriptions to make them readable.

Pure damage cannot be reduced in any way.

You can turn on the Complete Skill info option in Settings to better understand how skills work and what damage they deal.

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