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General Information About Pets

Pets become available when Sanctuary unlocks at team level 40.

Pets help your team in battle. Their main feature is that they cannot be damaged. What's more, their energy bar fills up over time: they can use their main skill once every 15 seconds.

You can summon pets by opening Pet Summoning Eggs at the Pet Summoning Tree.


You can earn Pet Summoning Eggs:

You can open Pet Summoning Eggs either one by one or in tens if you have 10 or more Eggs. In addition, you can spend emeralds to purchase and open 10 Eggs. When you use the Open 10 option for emeralds for the first time, you will receive a one-time reward of 3,000 emeralds. Also, when you use this option 10 times, you will unlock the Open 100 option.

Every player can get the daily grand prize — an Absolute Evolution pet — from the Pet Summoning. The pet selected for the grand prize automatically changes every 24 hours at 02:00 AM UTC or after you get the grand prize.


If all your pets are at the Absolute Star, the daily grand prize will change to 75,000 Pet Soul Coins.


Evolution (or star rank) increases pet main stats. The maximum evolution is six stars.

To level up a pet's evolution, you need gold and Pet Soul Stones. The number of Soul Stones required for an upgrade:

  • 1st star — 10 Soul Stones;

  • 2nd star — 50 Soul Stones;

  • 3rd star — 150 Soul Stones;

  • 4th star — 500 Soul Stones;

  • 5th star — 1,000 Soul Stones;

  • 6th star — 2,000 Soul Stones.

You can earn pet Soul Stones by:
  • opening Pet Summoning Eggs;

  • completing special event tasks;

  • buying in a bundle.

Soul Stones and Evolution

The maximum pet level is 130. 

To level up a pet, you need Pet Potions. You can find them in Adventures, Pet Soul Stone Shop, or get them by completing quests and participating in special events


Pets have different ranks: from white to violet +3. There are two ways of upgrading the pet rank.

The first way is to gather and charge special items — Pet Stones. You can get them in Adventures or buy them with Chaos Particles. The latter option becomes available after you complete a specific Adventure. The Adventure that you need to beat depends on the item you wish to purchase.​

Once you put a Stone on the pet, you need to charge it with: 


  • Chaos Particles and gold;

  • or emeralds.


Once you put on and charge all six Stones, you can upgrade the pet's rank.

To view what items you need for a particular pet:

  • Click Pets.

  • Select the desired pet.

  • Go to the Items tab.


The second way of upgrading the pet rank is to use a Gift of the Sanctuary. If you use the Gift, you do not need to gather and charge Pet Stones.


There are two types of pet skills: active and patronage. Each pet has two active skills and one patronage.

1. Active


Pets use active skills only when they participate in a battle. Each pet has two active skills.

  1. The first one is available from the beginning and is ready-to-use when the energy bar is full. You can either manually choose the right time to use the skill or let the game activate it right after the energy bar fills up.

  2. The second one becomes available once the pet reaches the green rank. It always activates automatically based on its cooldown.

2. Patronage


Once a pet reaches the blue rank, they can become a patron to one of the heroes. Patronage increases the stats of the chosen hero in any battle except the maximum power training battles.

Moreover, when a pet reaches the violet rank, they also get a patronage skill, which further enhances their master's stats.

The pet does not have to participate in the battle for patronage to work.​

The list of the heroes available for patronage is limited for each pet. To find it, click Pets at the Sanctuary, select a pet, and go to the Patronage tab.

There is no limit to the number of patrons in a team. You can gather a team with five different patrons, but only one pet can participate in a battle.


There are three pet stats in the game.

1. Skill power


Skill power determines the power of a pet's active skills.

2. Armor or Magic Penetration


Armor or magic penetration (depends on the pet's active skill) determines how much armor or magic defense is ignored.

3. Patronage power


Patronage power determines the power of a pet's patronage and patronage skill.

Pet Stats

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Adventures become available once you reach team level 40.

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