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The Dungeon is a PvE game mode available at team level 30. You can reach the Dungeon only if you are a member of a Guild.

You can find the Dungeon on Guild Island in the Guild tab.


You do not lose your titans after leaving a Guild.

Where to Find

This is what the Dungeon looks like:


Here you can see the reward for reaching a certain Dungeon level for the first time and the titanite progress bar. It fills up when you and other members of your Guild collect titanite. When you reach a certain threshold, the entire Guild gets Summoning Spheres:

  • 1 Summoning Sphere for 750 titanite;

  • 2 Summoning Spheres for 1,800 titanite;

  • 3 Summoning Spheres for 3,000 titanite;

  • 4 Summoning Spheres for 4,500 titanite;

  • 5 Summoning Spheres for 7,500 titanite.


The reward arrives in a letter in your in-game mail.

Titanite progress resets every day at 2:00 AM UTC. 

Dungeon Menu

There are two Dungeon level types in the game:

  • Hero levels where your heroes fight. Their health and energy reset after each battle.

  • Titan levels where your titans fight. Their health and energy do not reset after each battle. If a titan dies in combat, they get resurrected at 5:00 AM your local time zone.

Titan levels have two battle options:

  • Single-element battle where you can select titans of only one specific element. For each victory, you get titanite and titan Soul Stones of the element that did not participate in combat. For example, if fire titans fight against earth titans, you will get a water titan Soul Stones.

  • Mixed-element battle where you can select titans of any element. For each victory, you get titanite and Soul Stones of a random titan. 

Titans get resurrected with the daily Dungeon reset at 5:00 AM your local time zone. If your titans are still dead, it means that either you have already explored the Dungeon today or recently changed the time zone. You will be able to proceed the next day.

Dungeon Level Types

You get a double reward for clearing a Dungeon level for the first time. The displayed reward is already doubled: 

  • 50 Titan Potions and 2 titanite for a hero level:

  • 2 Soul Stones and 10 titanite for a titan level:


If you clear the level again, the reward is:

  • 25 Titan Potions and 1 titanite for a hero level:

  • 1 Soul Stone and 5 titanite for a titan level:


Each Dungeon floor has five levels. Battles are fought manually, but you can skip them using Divination Cards. Note that when you use Divination Cards, your titans still lose their health and can die.

The Dungeon difficulty increases with the number of levels completed for the first time. In addition, the more you win against a specific element, the stronger the opponent titans of this element become.

For example, the more levels with fire titans you clear, the stronger the fire titans you have to fight.


To save your progress in the Dungeon, you need to pull special levers. They are located on every 10th level.

When you pull a lever, you get gold and activate a checkpoint located nine levels higher.

For example, if you pull the lever on the 2090th level, you can start clearing the Dungeon from the 2081st level the next day.

Save Points

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