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Combat Speed

You can adjust combat speed in the game. Different speed options help to adapt to various situations. For example, the x1 speed is convenient for a manual combat mode and helps to control a battle more effectively. Meanwhile, the x5 speed allows you to complete easy automatic battles faster.

The available speed options depend on whether your Valkyrie's Favor is active.

If Valkyrie's Favor is not activated

You can adjust combat speed only in the Campaign, Tower, and Dungeon. You can set the x1.5 speed.

x1 speed.png

x1 speed

x1.5 speed

x1.5 speed

If Valkyrie's Favor is activated

Active Valkyrie's Favor unlocks the x5 option in all combat modes.


x1 speed


x1.5 speed


x5 speed

In Campaign, Tower, and Dungeon, you can activate either x1.5 or x5 speed.


Speed-up off


Speen-up on

In other modes, the button displays only x5 speed.

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