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Airship is a PvE game mode that unlocks at team level 20.

Here you can find hero artifact fragments and resources used to improve them. Also, you can purchase a subscription here — Valkyrie's Favor.

Valkyrie's Favor activates on all servers and grants the following bonuses for seven days:

  1. Increased combat speed in all game modes.

  2. Additional expeditions.

  3. Daily Artifact Coins.

  4. 15 Divination Cards and 150 titanite every day.

If you do not collect Artifact Coins on any day, they do not disappear. You can collect all of them on Airship at any time. However, if you do not collect Divination Cards and titanite, they expire with the daily reset at 02:00 AM UTC on and 05:00 AM UTC on Facebook.

The maximum subscription level is 16. If you do not extend Valkyrie's Favor within 24 hours after it ends, its level resets to level one. Whenever you extend the subscription in time, its daily reward increases.

To check Valkyrie's Favor expiration time:

  1. Go to Airship.

  2. Press Valkyrie's Favor.


The timer is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Valkyrie's Favor

In Airship, you can also send your heroes on Expeditions to gather artifact resources. Expeditions are automatic and do not require combat. There are eight expeditions in total:

  • The first five expeditions are available to everyone. 

  • The sixth expedition (with golden wings around the power counter) unlocks at VIP 8.

  • The seventh expedition (with white wings) unlocks when you purchase Valkyrie's Favor.

  • The eighth expedition (with cyan wings) is available to players who have Lara Croft at a red rank.


Expeditions 1-6 and 8 can be completed once per game day. Expedition 7 can be completed twice a day.

To go on an expedition, you must gather a team of five heroes. Their total power must exceed the power counter displayed above the icon of the chosen expedition. The power required depends on the power of your 10 strongest heroes.


You can select the heroes on your own or use the Auto option:


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In addition, there's Artifact Chest on Airship. You can use Artifact Chest Keys or emeralds to open it.


Every day you can get four Keys for free:

  • Click the gift in the hands of Valkyrie,

  • Complete the daily quest "Begin 1 Expedition",

  • Complete the daily quest "Begin 4 Expeditions",

  • Complete the daily quest "Level up any artifact once".


Once you open ten Artifact Chests ten times, the Open 100 option will appear.

Artifact Chest contains hero artifacts fragments and resources, Chaos Cores, and Artifact Coins. Chaos Cores are required to increase artifact star level. 

Artifact Chest levels and rewards:

  • Level 2 — 1 Artifact Chest Key and 1,000 Artifact Coins;

  • Level 3 — 1 Artifact Chest Key and 2,000 Artifact Coins;

  • Level 4 — 1 Artifact Chest Key and 3,000 Artifact Coins;

  • Level 5 — 1 Artifact Chest Key and 6,000 Artifact Coins;

  • Level 6 — 1 Artifact Chest Key and 20,000 Artifact Coins;

  • Level 7 — 1 Artifact Chest Key and 40,000 Artifact Coins;

  • Level 8 — 1 Artifact Chest Key and 60,000 Artifact Coins.

  • Level 9 — 1 Artifact Chest Key and 60,000 Artifact Coins.

  • Level 10 — 1 Artifact Chest Key and 60,000 Artifact Coins.


The number of keys required to level up the Chest increases with each level until you reach level eight. 

Artifact Chest

You can find Artifact Merchant on the main Airship screen.


Here you can spend Artifact Coins to purchase artifact fragments.


At the bottom of the screen is a list of available heroes. Click the hero's portrait to open the list of artifact fragments you can purchase for them.

The Artifacts tab is also located on the main Airship screen. There you can select heroes to upgrade their artifacts.

Artifact Merchant

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