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Here you can find a guide on how to set up a balanced team.



発動するたびに、水の精霊のトーテムはすべての味方のタイタンを回復し、近くの敵に10秒間ダメージを与えます。与えられるダメージと回復する体力の量は固定されており、トーテムのレベルと星ランクに応じて計算されます。 1つ以上のタイタンが回復を必要としている場合、トーテムはHP回復量をタイタン間で分割します。 たとえば、水の精霊のトーテムが3,000 HPを回復し、3つのタイタンが回復を必要としている場合、トーテムはこの量を均等に分配します。各タイタンは1,000 HP回復します。








3. Pick suitable pets.

  • Select a pet for battle, depending on the core characters of your team. For example, Merlin boosts mages, making him a good choice for a mage team.

  • Pick a suitable patron pet to boost each of your heroes. For example, Cain's Dark Patron skill allows the hero to gain bonus energy for each successful dodge. This skill will be helpful to Aurora, Dante, and Jet.

4. Check the opponent's team composition. You should pay particular attention to the damage type they inflict and are resistant to. For example, if your opponent is resistant to magic damage, try gathering a team that deals physical or pure damage.


5. Inspect the opponent's skills and see if there are any control effects. For example, if the opposing heroes have skills that can displace characters, take a hero who protects others from displacement.

6. Make sure that your opponent does not have resistance to your characters' skills. For example, Faceless will be of little use in a battle with an opponent who cannot be thrown in the air (like Brog the Conqueror in the Outland).

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