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Tournament of the Elements

The Tournament of the Elements is a cross-server titan tournament that unlocks at team level 60. You can find the Tournament in the Titan Valley.

In the Tournament of the Elements window, you can earn the resources needed to upgrade Titan Artifacts or purchase goods at the Elemental Tournament Shop.

The Tournament takes place from Monday to Friday. The exact time depends on your platform:

  • — from 2:00 AM UTC on Monday till 8:00 PM UTC on Friday,

  • Facebook — from 5:00 AM UTC on Monday till 11:00 PM UTC on Friday.


The Tournament has seven stages. When you defeat all opponents on a specific stage, you advance to the next with stronger opponents.


The Tournament battle records refresh at 2:00 AM UTC on and 5:00 AM UTC on Facebook every day. After the reset, you have to start from the first stage over again.


When you open the Tournament of the Elements menu, you see this screen:

  1. Your ranking position and the number of Elemental Tournament Points you have earned this week. You can also access the Leaderboard here.

  2. Rewards.

  3. Quick access to the Elemental Tournament Shop.

  4. The Tournament of the Elements rules.

Tournament of the Elements menu

In the Tournament of the Elements, you must battle opponents to earn Elemental Tournament Points. The number of points you earn is based on the health points percentage that your opponent's titans have after a battle.

The Tournament matchmaking is based on the power of your five strongest titans. Totem skill power and star rank are not taken into account. Thus, you can meet an opponent with weaker titans but powerful totems and an approximately equal total power score as a result.

Matchmaking and Poins

Each battle has two rounds:

  1. You attack the opponent's team. You have an unlimited number of attack attempts and can battle the opponent until they are defeated. You receive 250 points if your team wins.

  2. The opponent's team automatically attacks your defense team. You can view or skip the replay of this battle. You receive 50 points if your team wins.


To start participating in the Tournament, you must gather a defense team. You can change it before performing the first attack in the current stage. After that, you can change the defense team only in the next stage or when a new day starts.


Once you defeat all opponents in a stage, you can automatically clear, i.e., raid, it in the future. The option to raid the 7th stage is available from the beginning. If you are not satisfied with the results of a raid, you can improve the battle's outcome by manually fighting it.


The seventh stage has three powerful bosses: Fire Lord, Earth Lord, and Water Lord. You receive a unique avatar for each defeated boss.

Battle Mechanics

Rewards that you can earn in the Tournament of the Elements:

  • Elemental Tournament Coins. You get them daily for earning a specific number of points.

  • Essence of the Elements. You get it each time you win a battle.

  • The Ranking Reward is based on your position in the Tournament rating at the end of the week. It always grants Elemental Tournament Certificates and gold. You will also get a tournament cup and emeralds if your place is high enough. You can claim this reward in the Hall of Fame at the end of the week.


Click the chest icon in the bottom-right corner of the Tournament menu to preview your rewards.


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